Plextor PX-708 bezels (interchangeable?)

I’ve got a quick question about Plextor DVD drive bezels that I hope someone here can answer. I bought a PX-708UF (external) dvd burner several years ago, which I rarely use now that I have a 716A in my desktop computer. I’d like to install this in my computer as a secondary internal drive, to replace the crappy Samsung drive that is in there now. I know I can take the drive itself out of the external enclosure and connect it to my computer via IDE. My question is this: If I order a PX-708A bezel from Plextor, will it fit on the external drive to replace the non-standard one that is on it as part of the enclosure? I know the bezels from the 716 don’t fit; I already tried that, but maybe Plextor just changed the way they attach. I’d like to know whether this will work before I go ahead and buy a new bezel. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Yes, a 708A bezel will fit the drive if you remove it from the enclosure since it’s just a 708A itself.

Thanks for the advice. I just ordered a new bezel.