Plextor-PX-608CU DVD+DL problem

I’ve tried to get this unit to read Mirror DVD+DL media mediacode: RICOHJPND00

But the drive won’t accept any of the disks. Imgburner says: incompatible media, clonecd won’t react on disk insertion, nero says no disk in drive.

Anyone got any ideas / firmware updates for this drive?

The reason I want to use Mirror media is because they are 1/2 the cost of Verbatim media.
And I’m not happy with Verbatim DL media after they figured out they should move the production on that media to India (6 out of 20 disks unreadable, not with plextor burner tho).

All ideas are welcomed… in advance, thanks.

Latest FW is 2.0:

Thanks but i’m sorry to say I already tried this firmware… didn’t make a difference :frowning:

Use Verbatim DL ONLY with slimtype burners!!!