Plextor PX-608AL = Pioneer DVR-K06 = RPC1

Just to confirm, for those wondering:

I just bought a Plextor PX-608AL, and based on advice from people here and on the rpc1 forums, I went ahead and flashed it with The Dangerous Brothers RPC1 firmware here:

The result is it’s a 100% perfect flash, and the drive is now RPC1.

So for all intents and purposes, this unit is functionally identical to the Pioneer DVR-K06 (rebadged drive).

Tested both reading and writing various media.

I don’t know if TDB read this forum, but I’d just like to say a big thanks anyway. Good job.

More info:

This was a replacement drive for a MatsuSHITa UJ-845S from an Acer Ferrari 4005WMLi laptop. As most people should know by now, this drive can not be flashed … ever … at all, due to firmware encryption. In the end, it actually died after less than one year of use; they are extremely poor quality drives, in addition to MatsuSHITa being idiots for being the only manufacturers in the industry to encrypt their optical drive’s firmware.

CC’ed: to the rpc1 forum.

Nice replacement! :wink: