Plextor PX-504UF and Windows XP won't read CDs or almost anything else



Hey everybody, I hope someone can tell me what’s this things deal. When I put CD’s or CD-ROMs in the drive nothing happens, even though Windows recognizes the drive in My Computer.

I’m using a Sony Vaio notebook with a P4 2.8 Gig processor and 446 Meg of RAM. It’s USB 1 even though the Plextor is setup for USB2. This drive is an outboard one running through a USB cable so maybe that’s a problem.

I’ve been all over the FAQ, the Plextor site, and Google to no avail.

I got this drive used, with two Plextor install discs. I plugged it in via USB and Windows XP recognized it right away. It shows up in My Computer as drive F: but the only thing the drive will load is the Plextor disc. Putting an audio CD or a non-Plextor CD-Rom results in a blinking green light on the drive and a blank F drive

According to Plextor, all the drivers I need are part of Windows XP, and the discs contain no better drivers than installed according to the Harware Wizard. The windows troubleshooter did not help. I’ve installed the updated firmware. Twice. I disabled my

So far I’ve installed Easy CD Creator off the Plextor disc, but it just told me that it couldn’t find any drives.

I’m at a loss. Everything should work but it doesn’t. I’ve installed the PXinfo utility, but I can’t find a way to copy and paste it’s results. Just ask me for the info you want to see from it and I’ll type it up.

Thanks for any help!