Plextor PX-504A firmware 1.02 released

-Support for newer DVD media.
Direct download.

Thanks G@M3FR3@K!

I was begining to wonder if Plextor was keeping up
with this model.

I love mine!:bow:

No problem cstring :bigsmile:

I have this drive too although I don’t use it very often. I tend to use the PX-708A because I burn DVD-R mostly :wink:

I was pondering the idea of getting a 708a but I will wait untill
untill I get a new pc together, perhaps an athlon 64 system or
maybe a new intel?

I got my 504a @ newegg when they 1st got them in.
I could’ve saved $50 if I’d have waited a few weeks
but you’ll never hear me complain.:cool:

I have burned everything with this drive and the only fault I’ve found, w/1.01 firmware, Fuji discs wouldnt make subdirectories.
Havent tried it with 1.02, but I probably wont buy fuji again.
I mostly use verbatium +R/RW.

I upgraded to firmware 1.02 on my 504 intern, and now i am unable to read the data dvd-roms written on Datawrite 2,4x media. dvd-video on Datawrite media is still ok. Other media like tdk and verbatim seems to be fine.

I Tried to downgrade to 1.01 again, but i got an error message and then the drive showed up like a nec (in the firmware upgrad program), so then i upgraded to 1.02 again.

It seems that i can successfully write data to Datawrite media, but not read it again with the plextor under windows 2000.

It kinda sucks because i have burned more that 200 disks of that brand and have 100 more on a spindle…

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to downgrade to 1.01 or getting it to work otherwise?

Regards, Amundn

I think downgrading to a lower firmware version should work just fine. I don’t know why your drive shows up as a NEC but it’s not alarming since the Plextor PX-504A is the same drive as the NEC ND-1100A. What was the error message you received?

Unfortunately I don’t remember the exact error message I got first time I tried to downgrade the firmware, but the good news is that when I tried it again today, it worked flawlessly, and now I can read my Datawrite dvds again! :smiley:

Thanks G@M3FR3@K for the tip that downgrading should work just fine. When it comes to firmware i’m a little too familiar with the creative nomad jukebox’s firmware that refuses to downgrade.

Here is a link to the Media i used that don’t seem to be working well with plextor PX-504A firmware 1.02:

Plextools show Manufacturer ID = RICOHJPN and Media ID = R00 if that is of any help to anyone.

Good to hear downgrading worked. If you want you can try contacting Plextor and inform them about this issue. Perhaps they can fix it in firmware 1.03 when it’s released. A newer firmware is generally always prefered since it has the best media compatibility… well in theory that is :wink: