Plextor px-4xcs

i have a old scsi plextor reader px-4xcs ( as good as new ) that i use in a secondhand computer ( in the corner of my room ) who works fine to make a copy of audio cd ’ s while i am working on my new computer ,
but it only seem to work with nero burning , when analysing a cd with clone cd ( version 3 and 4 ) , it put some data tracks between the audio ones , even when there are no data tracks at all , after making an image , it refuses to write the image saying there ’ s an error in the image file ,
clone cd seems not to know this type of plextor ,
hopeless ? ? , or could someone give me an advice
i hope this is the right forum to put this on , if not , feel free to move this thread to the plextor forum ,

thankx ,

NP. Moved to the Plex Forum - maybe someone here can help…