Plextor PX-40TW

Out of no where I get an error when trying to copy an audio CD using CloneCD or CloneCD 5…0.2.2 and the Plextor PX-40TW. I tried to copy on the fly and tried making an image file. I get the error both ways. The error says my drive is not compatible with CloneCD read mode “normal!” I never had this error before. I always used this drive as the read drive to copy audio cd’s. I used the audio profile in CloneCD. When using my JLMS XJ-HD166S I get no such error and everything works fine. What exactly is wrong and what is read mode “normal?”

i have the plextor px-40ts the only difference between px-40 ts and px40 tw is the plextor 40ts has a scsi interface and i have no problems

I believe CloneCD has been updated to v5.0.4.2 and one of the items in the changelog refers to fixing a “problem” with some Plextor burners! Maybe your problem is what was fixed!!!

(Oops, the problem fixed has to do with DVD’s, not CD’s (SORRY)

Got the new version of CLoneCD. Got a new Key for CloneCD (as well as AnyDVD and CloneDVD). got the same error. This has never happened before. Think it’s a problem with the Plextor Drive?