Plextor PX-256M2S SSD - Preview

Plextor PX-256M2S SSD - Preview.

[newsimage][/newsimage]As we approach spring, SATA 6Gbps SSDs are certainly

becoming hot property, only last week we looked at the new OCZ Vertex 3 SATA
6Gbps SSD, and this week we have another SSD with native SATA 6Gbps support in
the shape of the Plextor PX-256M2S.

Let’s check out this new SSD from Plextor in this preview

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Dee, you are too generous.

The Plextor drive got handed it’s a$$ on a platter, by the vertex 3, and was very near slaughtered by the Vertex 2, the previous generation SSD, and was in some tests beaten by the first generation intel X-25 80GB.

Plextor should hang their heads in shame …

Plextor needs to implement steep discounting to make this a viable purchase above the OCZ Vertex 2 … let alone the Vertex 3.

What is performance like on a sata2 controller?

Can we include a “hibernation” test in future tests, using a PC with 4GB ram - that’s the base ram you get with most pre-built/off the shelf PC’s these days - I hate those moments when you’re working on a train and realise you’ve arrived at your stop, don’t have time to save, quit & shutdown (before slamming the laptop into carry bag &, instead, have to urgently hibernate the lappy with a convenient shortcut …

At 240GB - SSD’s are viable for replacing HDD’s in single drive systems, in particular, laptops, but these are generally still coming in Sata2 … and have for the last 2 years … and a 120GB/240GB SSD upgrade would perhaps extend the operational life in a business circumstance.

I don’t think any Marvell based SSD will be able to compete (performance wise) with a SandForce SF22xx based SSD this year. Intel launched the 510 SSD last week which is based on the same Marvell controller, and it performs very similar to the Plextor from what I’ve seen.

Intel has all but given up on using its own SSD controller, the Intel 3xx (G3) series has been downscaled to entry level, and there are rumours that Intels high end SSD, the 520 series, may well be based on a SandForce SF2281 SSD processor.

There is no doubt about it, the Plextor is expensive, and is certainly outgunned by the Vertex 3 in any likely enterprise usage scenario, but none the less, the Plextor is a very nice desktop SSD, where massive 4K random performance is not a must, and that can be seen in its real world performance, where the tests are exclusively “desktop” PC in nature, and really only falls well behind when you really push the SSD with some heavier than normal multitasking.

Regarding SATA 2
The SSD was on loan, and time didn’t permit repeating the tests on SATA2.

Regarding hibernation tests.
That could certainly happen in future reviews, if Intel and Asus can fix these problems in P67. My PC can’t do sleep or hibernate with any drive at this time. or to be more accurate, it can sleep, but wont wake.

Thanks DEE
I think the Corsair CSSD-F160GBP2 should be included in this test.