Plextor PX-230A

I’m looking at buying a Plextor PX-230A as seen here

Is this the best drive I can buy for the most accurate digital audio extraction? I use Exact Audio Copy.

The PX-130A (CD/DVD-ROM) and the PX-230A (CD-RW burner) are both excellent audio cd reader.

There’s a summary of a magazine article on Hydrogen Audio that says the PX-230A was rated the best CD ripper.

Sadly the Australian distributor of Plextor products doesn’t stock the PX-230A, and I can’t find a U.S. retailer that is allowed to export Plextor drives. :frowning:

I am not sure, but maybe check for a european shop?

For example: “ in in Germany and has it. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion, I didn’t consider that European distributors may not face the same export restrictions.

Most of the things are less restrictive in Europe :flower:

@showson, I purchased from I am also from Australia.
Cost was $111USD including International Postage. My VISA was changed $155AUD.