Plextor PX-130A DVD-Rom not support DVD-R DL?

Today, I received the PX-130 DVD-Rom I’d been long waiting for.
After I connected the DVD-Rom on my computer, I ran PlexTools Professional XL to see if it was recognized right.
But I see something I’ve never expected.
According to the PlexTools Pro XL, PX-130A is not supporting DVD-R DL.
Is it normal that PX-130A not reading the DVD-R DL?
Or is this faulty information from PlexTools Pro XL?
While I do not have any DVD-R DL media, I have no idea what the truth is.
Those who have PX-130A, could you guys confirm DVD-R DL support on PX-130A?

The information PlexTools shows is ‘static’. That is PlexTools does not query the drive but the information is stored in a table in PlexTools itself. Now i’ve seen this stored data to be incorrect. For example when a firmware-update for the 712a for +R DL read support had been released, a later version of PlexTools would still claim the 712a not to be able to read + R DL.

I cannot confirm that the 130a supports -R DL reading, but PlexTools might be wrong.