Plextor PX-130A 1.01, SecuROM DVDs and BW5?

Well, I am a bit confused about my problem concerning my Plextor PX-130A 1.01 DVD-ROM (working @ UDMA5), SecuROM protected DVDs and BlindWrite 5.

As you can see from the attached image, BW5 does not seem to be able to read the media volume label correctly from the drive mentioned above. It should read “DISK1” but it says something weird. Other software installed do read out the volume label correctly and work perfectly together with this device.

I wouldn’t mind, if I could rename the file to its correct name, but BW5 seems to dump an unusuable image. I can mount these images within A120%, but it says “Invalid Image” when I try to browse the virtual DVD and so I am not able to access the content. I can’t even change the destination path for the image dumping process in BW… :confused:
Other media than SecuROM protected DVDs can be perfectly read with BW and my PX-130A.

Any ideas about this? :bow:

weird indeed, are you using patin couffin ?

Yes, I am using the latest version of patin couffin

IIRC 1.28 came with the latest PhotoDVD, but older versions were also affected.

Btw, what does “Async. Access mode” mean? Could this be the problem?

Sorry, for the follow-up, but I doubt that it is a bug in patin couffin.

As I am using DVD Decrypter with patin couffin as the standard I/O interface as well, I gave DVD Decrypter a try and the volume label of a SecuROM protected DVD (same one as above - “Pro Evolution Soccer 3” to be more precisely… Pro Evolution Soccer 4 and Half-Life² do have the same problem) was detected and read out correctly.

So, I guess it must be something else, but what could it be?

Edit: Oh I see, BW says that the size of this disc is only 2.48 GB, but it should be roundabout 2.86 GB… :confused:

This bug seems to be fixed (thank you very much!) in the latest version of BlindWrite, but is still present in latest BWA Builder (dated 01/2005). Is there any chance of getting an update for this nice little tool as well?


Thanks in advance.