Plextor Px-130

I am thinking to buy an DVD ROM drive, do Plextor PX-130 worth to get among with others???

Much appreciated

Best is the Aopen 1648 AAP/PRO. 16x for +R/RW -R/RW and pressed single and dual layers. 14x for DVD +R DL. Reading Gigarec 1.4 on a 700MB and 1.3 on a 800 MB disc up to 64x. Forget about the PX 130! :iagree:

Search results for “px-130*”. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I had to buy a new dvd-rom 2 months ago and i thought about PX-130 as well.
After a bit of search in the old thread and various reviews sites, i found that best dvd rom around are:
Aopen 1648 AAP/PRO
Toshiba SD-M 1912

Also Pionner dvd rom are very good!

Hope this can help