Plextor PX-116A slow CDR reading



I have plextor px-116a2 device and it’s perfomance is good except one thing : CDR reading. I’m not taking about usual 32x instead of 48x - I’m fine with that. But most of disks being read on 16x maximum. Even my old pal Teac 540 read same disks twice faster. Why? :frowning:

Firmware is original 1.00 (I haven’t found newer). May be it’s possible to re-flash it to Pioneer 121 if this will solve my problem?

Thanks in advance for help…

ps. drive connected as master to integrated VIA ATA controller (mobo is Asus A8V) using 40-wire cable. Slave drive is Plextor 716A


hi folks,

i have the same prob and i wonder if there is someone out here who is able to give some more info/help on this - annoying :frowning: issue?? :a

btw as i noticed the drive seems to have two operational speeds and switches from one to another as needed (i.e. programmed into it) automatically. and apart from the issue mentioned above this seems to work properly. i made tests with CDRs reading files/ playing back multimed stuff and DVDs as well and while in play back mode the drive maintained in the slow/silent mode. when accessing the medium in the drive via filesystem interface (like being in need of full access speed) the drive spun up (sometimes…)


ps: a hello to evrybody out here!! :wink:
and - only true metal persevears :cool:


you may forget about fixing this problem because it’s major Pioneer 121 bug - sometimes it even reads same CDRs on twice different speed. known affected drives are : Plextor 116A2, Asus E616P1 and of course Pioneer 121 itself. unfortunately Plextor didn’t tried to fix this problem at all as well as other companies produced P121 rebadges. I’ve contacted with Plextor support and had long conversation (~50 emails sent and received) but it was complete time loss