Plextor PX-116A questions ... please help

I want to buy Plextor PX-116A , but I can not find any information about it. Please if somebody knows some site with review to post it here.

And do you think that it is the best DVD ROM or there are better than it? I want from a DVD to be fast for ripping movies, to support all standarts, to read 99min. CDR disks or to be able to read over 99min. CDR disks written with Plextor Premium’s GigaRec function. Please tell me is the Plextor PX-116A a good choice?

i only see the outside of the plextor dvd

and i was very disappointed to see it is just a Pioneer DVD-120 with a plexor front on it.

And what can you tell me about this Pioneer DVD-120. And is it worth this Plextor? The Plextor Premium is PERFECT but what about their DVD ROM.