Plextor PX-116A or Asus E616?

I’d like to buy a DVD-ROM drive that is able to read both DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW. I have concluded that only those 2 have such an ability. So which is better. The only differences that I know tiil know are the buffer memory and that the PX can read CD+G. Which drive who you recommend me for reading protections incuding that the PX has 256KB buffer but the Asus 512KB and also their abilities in C2 errors, audio data cache and accurate stream.

Thank you in advance,

The PX-116A is actually just a re-badged Pioneer (I think.) For DVD-ROM drives, I highly recomend any Lite-On DVD-ROM drive, such as the LTD-163D, LTD-165H, or LTD-166S. The Lite-On drives are capable of reading both formats, it might not say so on thier site, or elsewhere, but it really does.

The same goes for Toshiba DVD-ROM drive. My SD-M1502 drive reads both DVD-R and DVD+R media.

overall i think that the asus is better as the plextor

only negative about the asus is that its slow at reconize any media you insert, and you need to have some patience when you pressed the eject button.

but asus reads regular bit paterns much much better as the plextor. (my asus did 28sec over 11000 bad sectors, my plextor did the same 11000 bad sectors in 6.10 minutes!!!)

and when i use the plextor for a DPM read i never got a nice line, the spikes where always all over the place. and the image regularly didnt work.
my asus produces nice lines when DPM reading every time, and none of the images i made with the asus failed to work.

as you can read i had both drives, and i favour the asus big time above plextor.