Plextor Px 116 and dual layer DVD+R

Hi folks,

I’m looking for a DVD-rom player that does actually read DVD+R DL.
My understanding of Plextor site ( [URL= ) is that the PX 116A does.

Could anyone of you confirm this ?

Thanks in advance.

Nobody knows ?
Is this meaning that it doesn’t ?

Yes, the Plextor does read/burn DVD+R Dual Layer media.

Thanks for the answer.
I’m afraid there’s a litlle misunderstanding. Plextor PX-116a is not a DVD-burner. It is only a player.
My question is about its ability to read DVD+R DL.


In the PDF-document is says that reading DVD dual layer is supported. If you want more info about the Plextor PX-116A check out these search results. Welcome to the forums Laurentwb.

Ps. I moved your thread here, to the Plextor Forum.

My PX 116A2 doesn’t read discs with DVD+R DL booktype. Only -ROM bitsetted DL media are read fine.

Thanks Arrow, this is a great new. Only need a bitset on the DVD writer then.