Plextor Professional XL 3.03



:slight_smile: In Disc Extraction mode,How do you set up the program so the Artist name,Album Title,Song Title,Size of the song,type of the song ,track number, and bit rate and are separate from each other inside of the folder.Thanks for the help . :slight_smile:


I have no idea what you’re asking but if you press the Preferences button you can find a field that controls the file naming of your audio files. Press the question mark button for more information. Things like “song type” and “bit rate” cannot be generated as far as I know. Let us know if you need more help but please be a little bit more clear on what you’re trying to do. Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:


This is want I am asking for .After disc extraction the program puts the information at the top of the page.

Album Title
Song Title
Track Number
Bit Rate

Windows Media Player will fill this information out but will not record in Wave formate. Does Plextor Professional 3.03 have this option.If this option is not available with Plextor is there a program out there that will record in Wave format and supply this information. Thanks. I hope that this is better explained


@curtrud: Still not clear what you want to do. Add Tags to WAVE files or just names?
If you want add names just do as G@M3FR3@K said. And it is not possible to add Tags to WAVE files. Only names. Something like this:Track02BreathePink FloydThe Dark Side Of The MoonGBAYE03003351973