Plextor Professional LE-How to?

Ok, I’m not new to burning but I need some assistance here. I purchased a Plextor 800A and would like to test it to see if what I’ve read about this drive on this site is accurate.

When I set up a read test, do I use a Movie DVD or one that was used to do the write test? What are the other parameters that I should be looking for and the values that are considered “acceptable”?

Are there any known issues with Plextools LE that would prevent PIO testing?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. At this point, I’ve burned a backup of a movie and will use that as a guide until I can get some hard criteria to go by…

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I don’t think that the PX800 supports PI/PO testing.



i have the px-800a and when i try to do any tests it says :

this function is not available with this drive.

i also got a px-755uf and all options are available for that drive.

i got plextools professional v2.36.

800A not support quality scanning function…AS is also not supported…this drive is not real plextor.

The drive only supports the diagnostic functions of write and read transfer tests for LE

Is that also why the Speedread and Àutostrategy is greyed out in Plextools Pro LE?

yes, it’s a NEC/Optiarc

What is important with a Plextor 800A is it’s compatability with Windows Vista. I have a 760A and it is not compatable per Windows MSDN Support and Plextor Engineering. Although the 760A was designed with a Vista prototype, it will not work with Vista DVD functionality. With the 800A, it works perfectly with Vista. Many negative comments about the 800A are from persons who are not using Vista. If you are a Vista user, the 800A is the only current Plextor Vista hardware option.

Where did you get that? The 760A (and many other older Plextor drives) is rated Vista-compatible by Plextor:

Just because the 800A has a “Vista compatible” sticker on the box doesnt mean other products cannot be made so by firmware update.

I am using the PX-755SA FW 1.07 and PX-760SA FW 1.06 with Vista. They are fully Vista compatible.