Plextor Professional - Integrity checking data

How do you integrity check data with Plextor Professional? Most other recording software offer you the opportunity to verify the data on disc…

any ideas?


If you want to check read error,you can use the Q-check PI/PO or C1/C2 test that examine POF.


Do you mean just checking whether the disc is readable, or actually doing a file-compare to make sure all the data was written exactly right?

For the former, do what Torres suggests and just do a scan (You can post the result into the Scans thread too :bigsmile: )
For the latter, no, there is no built-in function to do this in PlexTools. That said, I don’t think even Nero does a verify like that…

Well, I remember in Easy CD Creator there was an option for verifying the data burned is correct. Haven’t used Easy Cd Creator for a while… maybe I need to try that.

Thanks for the response though! :slight_smile: