Plextor problems

Hi, I was able to burn a dvd with nero but it is not readable anywhere, even in the dvd burner.

I’ve got a Plextor px-708a 1.04, and I’ve used imation dvds (ricohjpn r1 accordingly with dvd identifier)

I’ve burned the dvd in udf/iso mode using the template that we have in the guides tutorial in the forum.

Another doubt: cdrw and dvdrw are not recognized in the burner as well. Any tip??

Any reply will be welcome!

My system:
Pentium 4 1.7ghz , 60 gb hd, 512M ram
Win xp home edition

I’ve got installed:
clone dvd 2.5
Dvd xcopy platinum with ripper
dvd decrypter 2.10

Thanks in advance

Sure I’ve got some tips for you :wink:

[ol][li]Update your Nero version to the latest version, preferably Nero 6. You can use the DVD-Video profile for burning your DVDs. There’s no need to change any of the settings. Are you experiencing burn problems with other software packages as well?
[/li][li]Try other media. You can check the Plextor website for a list of DVD media that they recommend. It’s also mentioned in the FAQ on this forum.
[/li][li]Check the drive itself. Is it attached properly? Does it pass the self diagnostics test (see the FAQ)? If the self test fails you have a bad drive on your hands, RMA it! But before you do, if you are able to test this, does the drive work in another system?
[/li][*]Try upgrading the firmware of your drive to the latest version (1.06). There are mixed opinions on this firmware version on this forum but I am quite happy with this version.[/ol]Please report back with your findings so we can help you further.

Thanks for the quick reply!!

I’ burned one dvd with clone dvd2 and I had the same problem, the dvd is not readable anywhere.

I’ll try the firmware 1.06 and check what happens and the I’ll post again.