Plextor presents: PlexWriter 24/10/40A. *Updated*



I just posted the article Plextor presents: PlexWriter 24/10/40A. Updated.

Plextor Europe has send us a press release presenting the PlexWriter 24/10/40A. The drive is using Z-CLV technology to write and read data. The drive uses Burnproof to protect us from buffer…

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Does anybody know if Plextor will release a SCSI version of this drive ?


I really doubt it… but it would be nice. buy yourself a Sanyo BP5 if you want SCSI.


YES!!! Plextor is releasing a nice powerful drive. PLEX RULE!!! And as for the SCSI - I dont think so.


Hey Plex - U need a tester for this new drive? I’ll test it for you :slight_smile: - for life!! :slight_smile:


This Drive is lacking - it really needs something - guess what: A nice grapheti job. Spray the drive up and make it nice and colourful, maybe a nice desert or tropical sunset painted on it :slight_smile: LOL - I WANT ONE!!


It will be nice if it really support SD2, but it will be nicer if Plextor will produce a SCSI device with the same peculiars. The latest Plextor device (and the only) that have supported the SD2 has been the 8/20, my honey!!! :wink:


Check they have some info on the SD2 support of the drive. According to the CloneCD peeps it will.


Yes, I also received this news, check the updated text


In short - the extra text at the bottom means this drive WILL support Safedisc 2. NOW BOW - for you are in the prescence of Plextor, the KING! :slight_smile:


I’m not worthy


Now I’m pissed. I bought the 16x plextor 4 months ago. Now they come out with a writer that raw writing. What the hell! How about a firmware update for the 16/10/40 damn it. :slight_smile:


Wrong face :frowning: :frowning:


i want scsi


You see, our constant nagging about SD2 has finally made Plextor give in to us. It proves that every one needs customers to come first.


I bow for the king and start serving my master which is NOW here to take us trew the hard winters.


Also proves that Plextor unlike a lot of companies (no names mentioned right Microsoft), listens to what we wants and tries to give it to us. U have to love a company like that. That actually responds to user complaints.


Plextor rules! I am buying a drive just because it makes quality products, as always!! I Love Plextor! =)


filhos da puta acabei de comprar um 121032A:c


Im gonna sell my Plex 1610 and get the 2410! Finally the people have spoken and the company has responded! Fuck MAcrovision! :r