Plextor Premium2 Firmware 1.03 Problem


My Premium2 original come with Firmware 1.00, everything fine. After I upgraded the Firmware to 1.03, the AMQR function not work anymore. Anyone got the same problem?
Anyone got the Firmware 1.00 can send to me?

Thank you!

What software are you using? If it’s the old Plextools Professional 2.33 that shipped with the Premium2, then you should update to the latest 2.36 since it fixes some bug with AMQR.

Also see you private messages.

I got 2 Premium2, one got TLA#0100, one got TLA#0101
both work fine before update the firmware.

I tried 2.33 , 2.36 and the EU version 3.16. All allow me to select the AMQR. However, all the CDR written are not in AMQR enable format after firmware update of TLA#0100

Now, I just afraid will got the same problem when I update the unit with TLA#0101.

How do you check if the recording has been made in AMQR format?

The helpfile of PTP mentions the restrictions that apply to AMQR. Are you sure none of them apply or that your’re not overriding the AMQR-setting with any other setting?