Plextor Premium2 AMQR / GigaRec

I am having difficulty getting AMQR to work on my PlexWriter Premium2.

Firstly, I was not aware until AFTER I purchased this machine that I required PTP XL V3.10 for AMQR to work. Nowhere on their web-site is this fact mentioned. And if you think that PTP XL V3.10 comes with the unit then think again, my unit came sans software. But best not be bitter about these things… It looks like I’ll be moving up to PTP XL V3.10 sometime soon.

I want to know what is the difference between AMQR and GigaRec? Both, I thought, lengthened pits and lands. (AMQR by a factor of 15%.) I have a Yamaha CD-RW burner with AMQR and can see that the burn is radially larger with AMQR than without AMQR engaged by physically inspecting the disc after the ‘burn’. I have been informed by Plextor tech support that this is not to be expected with Plextor AMQR at all. I am told that I will know that AMQR is working by just checking the C1/C2 error rate (expected to be 30% less with AMQR engaged).

The thing I am wondering is whether GigaRec set to 0.9X/0.8X (increase lands and pits by 10%/20% resp.) effectively does the same thing (to within 5%) as AMQR, or is AMQR doing something more than GigaRec? Perhaps even something magical!

BTW a GigaRec 0.8X burn sounds excellent.