PLEXTOR Premium2 - 52x.32x/52X CD-R/W

Hi Guys. In technical terms I am very much a newbie in this area.

I have a friend who insists that his Plextor Premium 2 is just about the best thing since sliced bread and he suggests that I get rid of my old (and still reliable) LITE-ON SOHR 5239S. As we both do a bit of private audio mastering/editing (mainly vinyl to CD), he swears that the Plextor software produces a better quality output, specifically that part of the software called “GigaRec”. This apparently: “…enables you to use the entire capacity of the disc, increasing the size of the pits and lands for higher reproductive quality.”

This unit is quite expensive, plus you have to go online and pay extra for the “Professional” level software - all together, well over $US100 !!

I have listened to some of his discs and I can’t tell much difference.
Probably old age!!

Can anyone comment about this claim of: “higher reproductive quality” for this software?

Is there other or better audio mastering software available - in your opinion?

[Back in 24 hours - sorry.]

You can find my experiences with the Premium 2 here: . (You’ll find some explanations of how to interpret what you see there here: . It is indeed a very fine CD-writer but if your current drive and playback solution is working fine there is little need to change anything.

GigaRec and AMQR can enhance the readability of a disc. This can have a positive effect on longevity (a already decaying GR/AMQR disc may still be readable over a regular similarly affected disc). Similarly if your playback equipment is picky on disc quality it may help avoiding interpolation of the read data, pops and clicks and thus indeed ‘sound better’.

If you can’t hear a difference then it is probably because your LiteOn and playback device are getting along quite well :slight_smile:

You don’t need extra software. The included software (Plextools Professional (LE)) allows the control over all the extra functions and any third party software can be used to do the mastering/writing etc. The commercial XL version of Plextools allows for some extras, which are (IMHO) more for convenience than necessity.

As for special mastering software for transferring vinyl i don’t have much experience and cannot comment.

The Premium 2 with Plextools also allows to check the quality of the burned discs. AFAIk the LiteON drives offer such functionality too. But I don’t know about your drive.

To sum it up: If you’re really interested in producing quality CDs the Premium 2 is worth it’s money. Overall i’m under the impression that DVD-writers give worse quality on CDs than pure CD-writers. Since CD-writers are getting more and more rare it might be worth to get a known good one as a spare. If this makes sense for you is up to your needs.

Thanks hwp.

It will take me some time to work through the information provided.

I think that my reference to transferring vinyl may have confused things.

Both my friend and myself use a Midiman “Delta Audophile 24/96” sound card to transfer audio content to the HDD. We both use Cool Edit Pro V1.2 for editing and then I burn using Nero My friend’s point was that the Plextor machine plus its software gave a better finished CD.

In view of what you say, my friend may have a point.

BTW, I have heard that a new (or updated) model of the Premium2 may be on the way. Do you happen to know if this is so?

Thanks again for your assistance.

No, I haven’t heard anything to that fact. What was the source of that information?

There might be a firmware-update on the way, but then that’s just my guess.

I contacted the local agent for Plextor to inquire about availability of stock of the Premium2. They had not had any units in stock for some time. During my conversation I got the distinct impression that something new was on the way.
I hasten to add that the agent did not say this directly, but that was the impression I got - rightly or wrongly.

I’m just afraid any new Plextor won’t be anything to write home about since it will be re-badged from some other mfg. Last month I added a PX-755SA to my rig. I was excited to see the Plextor Premium II add Yamaha’s AudioMaster, but never could find one… not losing any sleep over it though. Plextor U.S.A. never got back to me about availability in the U.S. but I heard rumors they had some but the price was so high they did not bother posting them on their site.

Thanks for the tip. That would never have occurred to me.

I don’t know about “Audio Master”. Can you please enlighten me?

I’ve been using a Premium 2 for a few months for a very similar purpose - creating audio masters for replication. I’ve always thought that the Audio Master Qualtiy recording was a bit of a gimmick, even in the Yamaha days, although I can believe that the discs made with it may sound a little different with certain (poorly made) CD players. As far as I know, the drive is not a straight re-badge of anything else as nothing else offers the same features.

One thing - I would suggest upgrading your Cool Edit Pro to a newer version - the click/pop removal and noise reduction have been improved considerably in later versions. The current version is now Adobe Audition Version 2.



If i make a 1:1 copy of a Premium2 cd on another drive will that copy be better than if i just used any LiteOn cdrw drive in the first place? Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. The info at this site makes for interesting reading.

Thanks for the link. The info at this site makes for interesting reading.

It’s not possible for a drive that doesn’t know of GigaRec/AMQR to do a 1:1 copy of that writing structure. You’ll only be able to do a 1:1 copy content wise, but not be able to copy the lenghtening of the Pit/Land structure that GigaRec/AMQR does. Thus any advantages from GigaRec/AMQR will be lost. You’ll end up with a ‘regular’ CD.

But copying from a Premium 2 CD will have the advantage that the source material will be of good quality. If there is a difference over any other drive used to write the source it will depend on the drive used.

Thanks - That’s how i thought it was :slight_smile:

As hwp says, it won’t be any better. However, chances are you’ll be able to find an audiophile somewhere who claims it is better. :slight_smile: