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In this review we’ll see if this new PlexWriter is indeed a ‘premium’ drive and how it stands up to the competition. We’ll of course also test the drive’s unique techniques. Besides that we’ll also take a look at the new PlexTools Professional software with which it’s possible to perform advanced tests using the Premium drive.

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Very nice review Dennis :slight_smile: Wow, “Editor’s Choice Award” !!! Thats new! :g

Very nice review and very nice drive.:slight_smile: Since yesterday I have one best ‘Two-sheep’ recorder - PlexWriter Premium!:slight_smile: Howg!

What can I say…? I’ve had this drive for couple of weeks now and I am really satisfied with it… works like a charm and had quite some good aspects (the review confirmed my opinion)… Way to go Plextor! /me waites for the Plextor Premium 52x DVD writer :smiley:

Good review , but i’d like some more read and write tests on GigaRec. I’m very curious to know which drives will have problems with the compressed format and which won’t

“2 sheep” concept maybe out date now, it should be “2 lite BEER” or 2 drunk man or something like that :d BTW this is an awsome drive, but it will be good if Plextor join the DVD-RW maker group :g

The Plextor Premium is having its difficulty backing up Safedisc 2.9.x (The Sims Superstar). Some have reported the drive can defeat the protection, some have reported the drive can’t defeat the protection. Sounds like a TLA# issue or possibly future firmware updates? I adore Plex drives but they are WAY TOO expensive. :o

No problems backingup SIMs Superstar…This is a great drive

> I adore Plex drives but they are > WAY TOO expensive. Come on! They can be had for a little over $100 U.S. That’s chump change for a top-quality CD-R/W drive. I remember when CD-ROM drives cost over $200 and people bought them. It’s that kind of cheap attitude that drove Yamaha from the CD-R/W market. Do you want to do the same thing to Plextor? A premium product deserves to sell at a premium price. I don’t want to be left to choose between various cheap, low-quality drives like Aopen, Benq, and Memorex. So go buy a Plextor and support a company that makes top-quality drives that are fast, reliable, and can read “copy-protected” discs with ease.

What software did you use over Shoedobedoo?