Plextor premium waste of money

:a yesterday i went to my local computer shop.i bought a p premium cost £100. great i said now i will be able to do the new securom new 4.9… so in to the house i wentb opened up computer popped in p premium grabbed my original republic revolution and started to read in with blindread.a few moments later finished .so then started to make bwa file with p premium at 1 speed.1 min later i checked to see if it was ok then noticed massive spikes so i stopped and took it out and put it in the now not so trusty liteon48:a :a :frowning: read the bwa file no problem no spikes perfect.i then burnt out the copy of cd1 securom new 4.9…(cd2 no pro).then went and loaded them in to play.pressed to play.guess what.nothing.shit all.spins up shows the spinning disc then dissapearrs.this only happens with the newest tpes of securom new 4.9… conflict desert warrior.old types no problem.i used to use liteon 48.but now i read through most of these forums and thought p premium was answer:a .do you need to change any of the settings on the premium whats this vari rec thing do .does it need moved.i have updated firmware for plex premium:a :a :a

What firmware u have ? I don’t have problem with premium

You need firmaware version 1.03 or better…

i have 104 tried 103 as well

Securom 4.9?
So Premium & BW can copy no more Securom 4.9 games?
Can someone confirm that?

I thought the latest version was 4.85… are you sure?

ok smart arses it is 4.8… just got my sd2.9…mixed up

Ok… my Plextor premium can’t make perfect backups of sd2.9, unfortunately this fact is normal enough but you can try burning the image with autoplay checked and see if it works.

And what speed did u use to burn ?

no i mean it is securom new 4.8… but in stead of me putting an 8 i put a 9. oh and burned at 12.8.4 used to allways burn securom new 4.8…at 12 speed never a problem

Hi webgrambler, with the premium Securom 4.8 is burned only at 4x (sofware forces burning speed); if you have burned at 8x, there’s something strange… post your log, please

yes i allways burned securom new 4.8… at 12.8.4 with a lighteon.48 but with p.premium at 4

So what’s the situation about Securom 4.85 and Premium?
Can it still copy .85 with BW 4?

strange…but it comes to my mind that in my local pc shop,there were 2 different plextor writers,one at £85,i think you might have that one,its 52speed,and another,with pretty much an identical box,that was £55,and that was only 48 speed.
but as i say,the writer and the box,product,and contents,were pretty much identical,even down to the model.
when askeed,the store worker said they were different,but the dearer one hadnt sold as many as the cheap one,and that the returns on the dearer model,well,were a lot.but he was offering a refund or replacement.,
what speed is yours.?

PlexWriter Premium is only one and that is 52x

Did u use RW to test ?

The latest Securom is 4.84.84.xxxx , which Republic: The Revolution has. From other threads I’ve seen the plex premium doesn’t do SD 2.9, for that use your (fairly new at least) liteon based burner. As for Securom, the premium’s unique varirec enables a copy without emulation. I guess the physical characteristics are getting more difficult to reproduce on cdr. I’ve noticed that profiles produced by Alcohol are clean compared to those performed by bw.

It would be nice if someone from the BW team could confirm that only the Premium is capable to backup Securom 4.84.84.xxxx titles.

Ufo: Aftermath has SecuROM and ive made a backup with plex. premium (fw 1.04) using blindwrite without aid of autoplay. Ive tested it with my lg dvd-rom, and asus x52 cd-rom and it works flawlessly.

It would be nice if someone from the BW team could confirm that only the Premium is capable to backup Securom 4.84.84.xxxx titles.
If your talking as close as 1:1 your going to get then yes, but if your talking overall then no. The Sony DRU-500A and Lite-on 48125W and 32123s have had no problems doing securom 4.8xxxx.

well there you go i have just put computer back to factory settings and still no far as i know p.premium is only52.well looks like six years of coping are gone for me i give up:(

Do you have a log of the burn from the Plex Premium, if so post it here so we can have a look at it.