Plextor Premium Vs. LTR-52327s

both of these are top notch drives…
im in need for a new burner not sure which one to get
just wondering what people whink of either drive, and which ones can handle protection burning / reading the best.



For audio copy protections, get the Plextor.

For game copy protections I don’t know.

Both do a decent job in analysing write quality.

I’m sure both will do adequate write quality on selected media , if not now then at least after some firmware upgrades.

I have no idea how well the LiteOn performs with scratched discs, something on which Plextor + PlexTools is quite good (if not among the best).

Personally I’ll get the Premium Plextor, but only because I already have a 48x LiteOn and I sold my older Plextor and need a replacement to use with PlexTools.


A nice thing of the Plextor, is the set of special features that comes with the drive. So if you want to use any of these (like VariRec, SecuRec, GigaRec) I’d recommend the Plextor drive.

I’ve had this drive for more than a month now, and I only used PowerRec sofar (besides for some testing thingies ofcourse…).