Plextor Premium vs 716A

i just wanted to know what the Plextor Premium does that my Plextor 716A does not??

thanx :slight_smile:

52x CD-R read/write speed versus 48x on the 716A, 32x CD-RW speed on the Premium vs 24x on the 716A, arguably better CD-R burning quality, and the Premium can apparently defeat certain copy protections that the 716A cannot.

It is going strong for more than 2 years now! :clap:

Plextor Premium is now End Of Life. Get one while you can.

ok thanx for the reply’s

i think i’ll get a Premium II along with the 760, depending how good the reviews are…

thanx again guys :slight_smile:

Even the Benq 1640 burns a litle better than 716…



Let’s wait where the drives will be available, ok? :stuck_out_tongue: