Plextor Premium USB Troubles

So my Yamaha F1 died and I picked up a NIB Premium for cheap to use until the Premium 2’s make there way over to the states.

If I hook the drive up to my seconday IDE channel (in place of my slot load Pioneer notebook drive) the drive works perfectly.

If I put it in my external USB case both with and w/out the other Drive connected Windows recognizes the drive in My Computer but never recognizes that there is a disk in the drive. Granted this was the problem my F1UX (external F1 no aftermarket external conersion case) was having but since I tried it on another computer and the same thing happened I determined it had to be the F1 in some way shape or form.

Any suggestions? I tried different jumper sittings on the Plextor not sure and even different USB ports though I guess I could try and find an adapter and plug it into the USB headers on the front of board.