Plextor Premium? The Best Burner Out There?



Hey there guys,

 Recently user philamber on these forums replied to my question about CloneCD.  In his reply he mentioned (in high regard) the Plextor Premium drive.  Do you guys happen to know, is this the end all, be all, best butner on the market for advanced burning methods?



I don’t think that thier really is one best burner. They all have thier strong points and weak points but none really have all of the strong points. Nec, lg and benq are also among the beter drives. You pretty much just have to research them a little to find the one most sutable for you. IF you were to just pick one of the more popular drives though , I’m sure that it would work well.


@ripit… referring to DVD burners or CD burners?

IMO LiteOn and Plextor Premium CD burners are the best out there…


My Plextor 241040a kicked the premuim into the dust - much nicer. Pity it had to die after many years of service.


Thanks guys, you rock! I’ve got to buy a new burner and wanted to consult some fellow geeks! My Sony CRX220 took a dive [I think it was my fault =( ].


just for reference:


I missed that he was looking at cd burners (didn’t clue in on the clone cd thing I guess). I was in fact refering to dvd burners.