Plextor Premium Question?

Hey there guys,

 Recently user philamber on this forums replied to my question about CloneCD.  In his reply he mentioned (in high regard) the Plextor Premium drive.  Do you guys happen to know, is this the end all, be all, best butner on the market for advanced burning methods?


i don’t understand what you are asking :confused:

I’m asking if the Plextor Premium is the best CD Burner out there that has advanced burning options (such and RAW, etc.) or if there is a better one on the market.

From everything I have read, there is none better and $70 or so is not too bad considering what they could get. It seems to be able to take everything that is thrown at it. Liteon is considered the next down on the totem pole.

Thanks for your opnion! I appreciate it! My Sony CRX220 went out on me (probably my fault) and I’m looking to buy a new one.

The Plextor Premium is perfect for SecuROM backups in combination with BlindWrite you’ll love it. It’s also nice for audio backups and from my experience the write quality is very good in general. I think you won’t regret buying it although it’s not a magic drive which can backup every protection on the market and it’s not the really cheap.

kalas, thanks for illuminating my opinion. Most of what I know about backing up CDs I get from your posts.

Hehe… thanks you’re welcome chas.

plextor premium safedisk 3.2

profile clone cd : protect pc game

edit this profile replace weaksectors : emulate with weaksector : ignore

and go to burn your pc game

escuse me for my english

mick711 I think this thread might be interresting for you SafeDisc 3.20 Successes and Non-Successes.

I thought I would buzz in here on the premium. It will do a great job of backing up any securom drive with the right tools, and the same applies to Safedisc. Now with safedisc, you will need to use padus disc juggler, as it can sucessfully write pre-gap information, where-as alcohol 120% and most other buring suites only emulate that information.

Securom copying: use blind write & blindwrite tweaker, and a tutorial on my signature, you can’t go wrong.

Too bad that is is now gone. I hope mine will last a few more years.