Plextor Premium playing backups?



I am planning to buy a CD-RW drive and my final candidates are the Premium and the LTR-52327S. I have read in this thread: that the Premium is quite good defeating copy protections but that the disks produced can only be read by played in the same Plextor must of the time.

  • Is this true?
  • Is there a way to improve it?
  • Why they recommend to pair the Premium with a Liteon 166S DVD-ROM for be used as reading source?
  • I asume that if you have only the Premium you have to use “Hide CD media” to play the last games. Doesn’t this mean conflicts with some games as oposite to playing them from a CD drive?

Thanks a lot for your help.


My Premium did a great job with Safedisc v3.20.022, especially if I turned on the ‘Bypass EFM error’ option, within Alcohol.

It also did a decent job with Safedisk 2.9. Please keep in mind, that I didn’t activate the ‘Bypass EFM error’ option with these tests. The drive would properly have performed better if I had.

The premium is also a real Securom “killer” together with Blindwrite. I haven’t tried newest versions though.