Plextor Premium overheating, then drive defective



I run three Plextor Premiums 52x CD-RW in a regular PC tower case which I believe would be similiar to a duplicator. After using the drives for around two months one of them failed. I would burn roughly 15 CDs per day consequetively on each burner which isnt much technically. I was told the duplicators could run basically 24-7 without a problem but mine seems to have problems after running around 30 minutes while using the most expensive drives. The drives get hotter and then the burns start to slow down with each CD I use. I am even using Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs to burn. I can burn at 40X for the first 5 CDs then it gets erratic and drops as low as 16X within a half hour.

Since the CD-ROMs are stacked on top of each other without much airspace inbetween them (similiar to a duplicator) I am assuming they get pretty hot. I did some tests and noticed the Plextor gets pretty toasty after around 10 burns. Toasty enough where I would think it could cause some sort of drive failure.

Is this a problem with Plextor drives in particular because I had a few other drives like a LiteON which never got hot ever even after 30 burns. This heat makes me think it is the reason why it failed only after 2 months of use. I am thinking of switching to another drive which can sustain longer burns like the ASUS Drive which seems to have some better airflow mechanics. Can anyone figure out what is happening here or if the Plextor problem is not a Plextor problem but a burn problem? I do get tired of seeing my burns drop to an average of 24X speed at around the 10th burn of the day. Like I said earlier I am even using TY CDs.