Plextor Premium not reading any of my (perfect condition) GigaRec CD-Rs?!

I’m having a problem here: I’ve recorded some GigaRec CD-Rs over the last 8 months and one a few days ago. The rates vary between 1.2x & 1.4x, with 1.2x & 1.4x being used the most and 1.3x only used once. No discs can be read in my Plextor Premium (yet all 1.2x discs are read fien in my portables, which have alreadys read 1.2x discs). I’m using CMC Magnetics CD-Rs. What could be the problem? The discs? The drive? Has anyone ever had this problem before? If so, what rectified it? I have no warranty on it now, and teh drive burns all CDs fine.

What can I do here? Thanks…

What could be the problem?
I’m using CMC Magnetics CD-Rs

i agree

. . . 100%!

me too :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve had a bunch of normal non-gigarec CMC CDRs go from readable to unreadable after a couple months.