Plextor Premium - new drive, some problems




My trusty 241040 died (well used I must say), so I decided on buying a new plextor Premium cdrw which actually cost alot more than many dvdr burners. One nice thing is the clunking unload/load mechanism has been greatly improved, but I have some basic problems with the drive. It is TLA002, came with 1.02 firmware and Plextools 2.02. I updated the firmware to 1.05 before anything else. Problems are that using CDSpeed 3.x scandisk the read is slow compared to my older 241040a, and the disc quality check does not work at all - it says it is spinning up the drive or initialising and the drive does something, but the test does not start? I know plextools can so this, but it would be nice if CDSpeed 3.x worked.

I have run plextools 2.02 (european plextools site down last night, so not upgraded it) to try and change things but the setting I choose do not stick. I try and set the drive settings to the fastest read speed (xx to 40 cav I believe), but often when I recheck this has changed back to x24 max (or around there). If I set it to xx-x40, select c1/c2 test, that has a max of x24, if I then switch back to read speed it has automatically gone back to x24 from x40 - why?

Anyone know what is going on? Thanks.


Well, I have made the experience that the Premium’s reading ability is a bit weaker than the other Plex drives I have had so far. So, there might be a slow-down in speed.

AFA the quality test goes, make sure NOT to enable c1 errors.

The PlexTools, well, I seldom have cd-rs that make my Premium slow down its maximum read speed. I can’t tell you why, it was a Verbatim data life plus, but only one of them, and only an audio cd.

If you want to get the setting sticky use the silent mode. Save your settings there. However, it will not work for cd-rs you have the problems with mentioned above.


Nero CD-DVD Speed doesn’t work with the Plextor drive and the disc quality tests (see the supported drives). If you want to measure the amount of errors on your disc then it’s best to use PlexTools for this. I would recommend that you upgrade PlexTools to the latest version (2.13 or 2.12). By default the Premium is limited to 40x reading, you can enable 52x read speeds by enabling SpeedRead CD in PlexTools. It is a known fact that new Plextor drives can limit the read speed when an unbalanced disc is loaded into the drive. Hope this helps!


Thanks - looked at the usa site as the UK one was down (the europe one was unreachable this morning). I knew about the x40 read speed - that is fine, don’t want to treat the media to too much stress - but it seems slower than x24 - and the settings made in Plextools don’t stick? I never checked the CDSpeed compatability since a few days ago and found that it won’t work with NEC dvdr’s :frowning: - all in all, my 4 year old (or thereabouts) plextor drive the 241040 seemed a much better drive than this new premium. I dont care about being able to see c1 errors so much, a fast speed with no c2’s is good enough for me. Reading at x16-x20 with a CDSpeed scandisk seemed a little too slow to show some problems. At the time of writing this, I have not checked to see if the scandisk is reliable with the Premium. Shame, wish I chose another drive now.


The problem is, that the official PlexTools-downloads (at are down for two weeks now :frowning:
The last update that was available is 2.11. Where can I get 2.13?


It does work here, at least without c1. :o)