Plextor Premium Media

Does anyone know which is the best media for this drive? I bought it week ago, and would like to know if someone has some experience with it. I live in Poland, so if anyone from this beautiful country knows something please help.

Most discs works good with this drive, but here is my recommandations:

Taiyo yuden manufactured media (for example plextors own media)

ritek manufactured media
moser baer india manufactured media
Verbatim datalifeplus
TDK manufactured media
Fujifilm manufactured media

Stay away from:
Prodisc manufactured media
CMC manufactured media

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Does anyone know which is the best media for this drive?
Hopefully this will help you to figure it out > Recommended CD-R Recording Media: PlexWriter Premium

Here is a link to the recommended list at Plextor. The link above wasn’t working for me so here is another one to try.

PlexWriterâ„¢ Premium Recommended Media List

Where do you buy the plextor premium cd writer from nowadays and is it still the best writer for writing audio CD’s or are there new DVD range as good as there CD writers?

It is still a very good drive for burning CDs.
DVD burners usually don’t burn CDs nearly as well and also lack functions like GigaRec, Audio master mode and stuff like that.
Even Plextor DVD burners can’t burn CD-R better than normal CD burners can.

which is why my Lite-On LTR-52327S (1st revision) is preventing me from installing a 4th DVD drive in my computer! :smiley: :frowning:

Check the Plextor site or use your favorite search engine to find a distributor.

If mine dies, I’ll be getting another or similar. I havn’t found any drives that work as well on cd-r media.

I would stay away from Ritek media. I have used 200 or so CMC MAG.AE1 and they burn fine. The equal anyday of TDK and Fujifilm MID discs.

This is an old thread and the Plextor PlexWriter Premium is a CD-R(W) burner (not a DVD burner), so your experiences with CMC MAG. AE1 and other DVD media don’t really apply to this drive. :slight_smile:

I just happened to rescan a few of my old cds (6 years old and more) and the Ritek dye discs gave the best results (> 95% QS), 2nd place were the TY dye discs (>90% QS). I had some other media too which had an unknown dye and they were all crap so I reburnt them on Verbatim MBI media, though they gave me a QS of around 85% immediately after burning.

The difference could ofcourse be that I burnt the original discs with a CD burner back then (Philips and Lite-On) and the Verbatim reburns on my Benq 1640 DVD burner. Might slap my Philips PCRW1208 CD burner back in to burn some cds…