Plextor Premium Latest TLA#

Someone could tell me what’s the latest TLA# for the Plextor Premium Drive ? (Or even with the build date if possible)

I am planning to buy a brand new one, and i wish to be sure;
i am getting the latest hw revision available!


I think it is 0207

Sorry, disregard
Looked at my new 708A in error…

Did a bit more checking on some systems I have access to. Looks like 0005 is the latest/onlyTLA I have. The current firmware is 1.05

June 2004/TLA 0005

Note: the last digit of the TLA number just indicates the installed firmware. So TLA#0000 is the same drive (read: hardware revision) as TLA#0005 but their installed firmware is a different version. The second TLA digit indicates a hardware revision, e.g. TLA#0105. I don’t know if the Premium has had a revision but I don’t think so.

Is the Plextor Premium-U (USB with F/W 1.05) has the same degree of support under Alcohol & Blindwrite in terms of doing a “fair use” of a legitimate backup copy of a protected CD (alike Safedisc 1,2,3 & SecuROM 4,5) ?

Or it absolutely need to be ATAPI based ?