Plextor Premium in Slave mode



I just replaced my old 24 X Liteon with a brand new Plextor Premium burner :slight_smile: I noticed my Liteon was set as ‘Slave’ on the second ide channel (and Toshiba DVD was set ‘Master’).
Does it make any difference to set the Plextor Premium as Master or Slave (while of course changing the setting for the DVD reader)?


In the installation section of the Premium it only shows the Premium as a mmaster drive. Normally I have my Plextor burners as slaves but recently I changes my system around before I even knew about the Premium drive. My OS drive is on the Master of the Primary IDE channel my backup drive is on my master primary of my raid channels, My Premium is master with my DRU-500A is slave on my Secondary IDE channel.


From the manual:

It is strongly recommended that you set up your CD-R/RW device as the MASTER and connect it to the secondary connector.
Personally, I’ve had no problems using my Plextor PX-W4012TA as Slave device. I think you can use the Premium drive as Slave without any problems but you can only find out by trying… Attach it as Slave and do some audio burns for example. Check these discs for any weird clicks or pops.