Plextor Premium II - Very strange Jitter scans

(main info: Plexwriter Premium II 1.02 / Plex Tools XL 3.13 / TY media either Plextor or Verbatim Pastel branded)

Hi all,

I’ve been detecting a very strange behavior with my Jitter scans.

I’ve just finished thie PERFECT burn, extremely low C1 errors (like total 1000, max 17, average 0.6)… then the Jitter scan is like this:

What is that???

Is there any information about a possible bug with this particular drive, firmware or software?

I mean, that scan is completely crazy… must be a bug :eek:

By the way… the scan starts with very good, low and regular jitter… then, for some reason, the line in the graph jumps all the way up there. I mean, the part of the scan that was already made changes position… Is this normal?

Well i’ll chime in. There are very few of us that have this drive so basically you will get the same members here from the Difference between 1 & 2 thread.

I have not seen this behavior. Is there any way to put that drive in another pc and test it?

Do the discs play fine? What does the read transfer look like? (Enable Speed Read and set it for 52X)

I’ll post more questions when i have time to think about this.

I’m burning a second copy of this CD (from the same WAv file) to see if it could be a media fault…

The CD reads fine… will get more scans later.

I’ve had this kind of Jitter scan before with a particular CDR where I had to overburn for 14 seconds… I thought it was related to overburn. But now I’m starting to think it could be something else…

By the way, I’m always using AMQR for these burns…

Is it normal for the line in the graph to change position during the scan?

I mean, it starts low, around -0,04 … stays around that value for 20 or 30 minutes, and the jitter seems to be getting lower and lower… then the entire line (from minute 1 to the current minute) jumps to +0,04 or more… it seems like Plextools is trying to adjust the line in the graph to be able to display a drop in jitter value that maybe it could not show in the graph???

Weird stuff…

The drop in Jitter goes along with a slight change in Beta. Was the write speed lowered for that part of the disc?

Edit: Ah, just read it was an AMQR burn.

Edit 2: You could try to do a B/J-scan with regular Plextools Pro (non LE/XL) to check if it’s an LE/XL bug.

I’m just wondering if it will show in a read transfer test. If it shows in both then it’s a messed up disc. If it doesn’t then i have no idea.

Maybe hwp will see this thread as he’s more experienced than most of us.

It’s now doing a JB scan on the new burn…

hehehehe the scan from the second burn is exactly the same as the first one. Like a exact copy of the graph.

So, maybe I should look at the WAV file? Maybe move it to a different hard drive…

Are [B]all [/B]your Beta/Jitter scans like this?

My usual beta/jitter scans look just fine…

Ok, I think I know what is causing the weird jitter scan. This is a Nirvana Nevermind CD.

At the end of track 12 (the last track of the CD), just around minute 43 of the CD, there is a huge period of silence, until around minute 52 (I think), and at this point the music returns (like an hidden track or something like that).

The jitter drop that we can see in the graph is related to this silent period in track 12.

Now, could this be just affecting the scan results? Or could it actually affect the overall jitter of the CD?

I’m inclined to believe that this is Plextools fault as it cannot interpret the silent 10 minutes in track 12 where no data is written (or is there?), and this causes that weird effect of the line in the graph jumping during the scan to very high values as it tries to adjust the scan graph to the CD…

Something like that :eek: :rolleyes: :confused:

I managed to find an older burn of this very same CD (probably same WAV file also), that I did with my old Premium 1 drive some months ago (using a Sony CDR media by the way).

Ran the J scan on this older burn… yep… same problem, exactly the same.

This leads me to think that sometimes we really shouldn’t relly on Plextools results…

There is no way I have jitter above +0,04 on this CD. I never have anything higher than -0,03 on most of my CDR burns… So this must be some kind of bug…

I don’t have the CD handy but i do have it handy on my HDD. I’ll burn it and see what the Beta/Jitter scan looks like.

What speed are you burning this? AMQR is on. Other settings?

I don’t think it’s a bug. I just think it’s how silence is interpreted in the beta/jitter scan. Only the author would know.

Thanks for your help rolling56 :slight_smile:

I always burn with Plextools XL 3.13 AMQR ON at 4x speed.

(I’m leaving now, I’m late to a concert, but I’ll get back to this later)

By the way, just finished a CD Read, shows 0 errors. Will do a Read Tranfer Rate test later

Have fun.

Well something is not right as my recorded minutes are not the same. I have no problem with silence and beta/jitter scan.

I have a Lisa Marie Presley CD that is similar so i will burn that one and see.

I must say this is one of my finest burns :iagree:

Here is Lisa Marie Presley CD To Whom It May Concern and i have no idea what to tell you except that something is not right on your end.

TY CD-R from the same 75 pk.

ok now the real test. Both CD’s play just fine in my Plextor II. I will try it in one of my vehicles probably tomorrow.
I have not had good luck with AMQR burns. I try to find the sweet spot for my media’s but using AMQR was never in the plan :disagree: especially overburning CD-R’s.

Any more tests just let me know :flower:

That first scan you posted is from Nirvana “Nevermind”?

Well, I’ve been checking, and it seems there are two versions of this CD… some have the “easter egg” song, hidden and unlisted, about 10 minutes after the end of track 12. And some don’t…

Did you check if yours has this hidden song? It’s simple, track 12 should last under 4 minutes, at the end of track 12 does the CD stop playing immediately or does it keep running without any music for some minutes (until it starts the hidden song)?

That’s probably why you have a different minutes count on your scans :iagree:

Comments regarding the hidden song here: