Plextor Premium Help

Greetings to everyone! I have recently upgraded to a new computer and my Plextor Premium was installed in the new system. It’s recognized OK, but will not write more than 5x, and the computer gets very sluggish and the buffer seems to fluctuate, which I’m not used to seeing. I was using and am still using Windows 2000 Pro and Roxio Platinum 5…my old system was a pentium III 500 and the new one (new for me at least :)) is an AMD Athlon 1.2g with ~700mb RAM. I’m using CDRs rated at 24X and this drive previously wrote at around 18-19x, which was fine with me.

I read the FAQ and noticed the ATAPI issues with DMA v. PIO; I configured everything to use DMA if available, but two devices on each IDE channel are still using PIO (I believe my first channel contains my two WD hard drives and the second contains a DVD ROM [Pioneer] and the Plextor drive. I’m not sure which device is first or second on a particular channel, not to mention whether the Premium might be one of the drives still using PIO.

Any assistance anyone can offer is greatly appreciated!

normally in Windows 2000 and XP:

if you remove the second IDE-Channel the driver gets detected again and then the right DMA-Mode gets recognized and not PIO.

I am not sure if this works with the first IDE-Channel too, because there they hard disk is…, but think that it works with that one too.

One other thing try upgrading the FW from you Plextor Premium.

Well, I happened to solve this problem last night, and I thought I would post the solution here for those interested. After noticing that my motherboard’s BIOS selections would not allow an automatic detection of the Plextor Premium without disabling DMA for the drive, I dug out the Premium’s manual to double check its DMA status. After reading that level 2 DMA is supported by default, I couldn’t figure out why my MB wouldn’t allow enabling this feature (which is, of course, why I couldn’t set a DMA option in the hardware setup in W2K). After trying what seemed like all other options, I decided to change the Master/Slave configuration of my Pioneer DVD ROM drive and the Plextor Premium (on my old system, the DVD ROM was the master and the Plex was the slave). I configured the jumpers appropriately, and behold, the BIOS selected DMA 2 by default for the Plextor. I can’t imagine why a master/slave config on the secondary IDE bus would matter, but the both drives are working perfectly now.

Thanks to ghost_zero5 for your reply to my problem!

nice to hear that you were able to solve your problem.