Plextor Premium Gigarec wont run over it!



I dont understand this one!

I am overburning a 80M CDR at 1.4x compression with Gigarec coming from PlexTools PRO v2.16 into latest Nero v6.

This CDR is readable over LG, ASUS CDRW drives, but WONT work into the Plextor Premium which originally burned it!!!

Any idea ?


Do a C1/C2 error scan. Could be that the amount of errors is too high for the Premium to read. Some drives cope better with C1/C2 errors than others. If the amount of errors are indeed too high then use a lower GigaRec setting. Or can your Premium drive not detect the disc at all?


The Plextor Premium is able to recognize the disc…

But can’t open any burned files on it…

I have tried 1.2x - 1.4x settings (using both Nero & Ptools 2.16)

Same results so far…


Did you do the C1/C2 error scan?


What Firmware do you use?Don’t use nero but only use PTP2.16,try to do it again?