Plextor Premium Firmware

I can not find a link to Plextor Premium firmware 1.56. I see where someone flashed his to 1.07. What is the advantage to flashing to older firmware? What are the specs for the two firmwares? I just got this Premium with 1.56 for a back up in case one the Premiums in my four PC’s goes bad. It seems to work just as good as the others, which are all 1.07.

FW 1.56 is a special version of the regular FW 1.06. So FW 1.07 is newer than 1.56.

Not much is know about such special firmware but that it is usualy found in drives that have been used in duplication-towers.

Thanks. When I was going to instinctively going to flash the drive to 1.07 tonight, it said I had a newer frimware. I checked and discovered the 1.56 and saw the post about someone else that got the same drive. So if in fact 1.56 is older, than it is off to 1.07 I go. I wish I could find the 1.56 so I could go to and fro and mess around with it.