Plextor Premium F/W 1.05 questions

Since today I have been a proud owner of a very little used Plextor PlexWriter Premium. However firmware version is 1.00, a little old, so I’d want to upgrade it to the latest 1.05 to improve compatibility with CD-R media (as reported in firmware 1.03). Since I have had problems with my old samsung CDRW, I have some questions about F/W upgrading:

  1. Do I have to check anything (except for model name which I think is the right one :bigsmile: ) before upgrading it ?

  2. Is it risky ? Will I void my warranty ? (it is an official F/W)

  3. Is it useless to upgrade firmware even if I have not had problems with it so far ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Tyreksionibus,

my answers are:

  1. No. :slight_smile:

  2. No. :slight_smile:

  3. Well, here there are different opinions. :bigsmile: However, firmware 1.05 is well consolidated and adds also new features to the drive, so I recommend to use it. Take a look also at the changelog:

PlexWriter Premium(-U) V1.05

    * Improvements: Support for newer High Speed CD-RW media
    * Support for newer Ultra Speed CD-RW media.
    * Write performance on Ultra Speed CD-RW media.

PlexWriter Premium(-U) V1.04

    * Added: Support for writing on 32x Ultra Speed CD-RW (Mitsubishi Chemical Media SW74GU1).
    * Support for newer CD-R media.

    * Improvements: Write quality on US CD-RW media.
    * Write and read performance of GigaRec.

PlexWriter Premium(-U) V1.03

    * [B]Added: GigaRec at 8x writing[/B].
    * Support for newer CD-R media.

    * Improvements: Write performance for several NS and US CD-RW.
    * Write quality on various CD-R media.
    * FE/TE test for Plextor media.

PlexWriter Premium(-U) V1.02

    * Fixed Bugs: Writing on some CD-R media at speeds between 20X to 40X will generate a write error.

PlexWriter Premium(-U) V1.01

    * Fixed Bugs: Compatibility with Ahead InCD 4
    * Compatibility with Direct CD-formatted discs under Windows XP
    * Compatibility with Digital Audio Playback of Windows Media Player

    * Improvements: Read performance for eccentric discs
    * Write performance for several NS & US CD-RW

Regards, :smiley:


Thanks for the infos. And yes, I know they are very stupid :cool: but I dont wanna be careless :wink:

Why stupid?
Asking does not hurt, expecially talking about firmware updates… :slight_smile:

Take care,