Plextor Premium: END OF LIFE

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It’s now official. The Plextor Premium, from the King of Optical Storage, the best CD drive ever has just been declared End of Life. Good thing I have two. It’s a sad day for anyone who likes to make 1:1 copies of securom with the Premium. I’m sure Sony is happy about this one.
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:sad: Moment of silence. :sad:

:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

:sad: but life goes on. in times like today, where only very few games still come out on CD (at least here in germany), the drive has lost it’s value for securom-copying - but i will really suffer when my premium (hopefully never) dies, as it’s the best and most accurate audio extractor i’ve ever had… :sad:

btw: where do you have this information from? link?

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:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

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This really caught me off gurad because almost 2 months ago a contact of mine said that they were still going strong (both production and sales.) If the next Plextor DVD drive could do EXACTLY the same things that the Premium does (mainly Securom 1:1) and have high-quality standards, I wouldn’t even mind paying 150 dollars.

What I don’t think they understand is that they can charge a premium for their drives if it lives up to the Quality, and Features that we’ve come to expect since the release of the Premium.

it the “official” EoL for the Premium notice, but a contact of mine told me about a week ago.


Farewell to the greatest CDRW drive of all times - all good things must end (even after 2,5 years) … but let’s not forget: the only ‘real’ competitor (Yamaha F1) didn’t last that long.

Glad I have 2 brand new retail Premium’s purchased about 3 weeks ago. 3 of them total.

R.I.P. my best CD friend in past 2.5 years… :sad: :sad: :sad:

I think that this drive was overlooked by most users because of the high costs. Even now, I can’t even find one for less that 70 with shipping. I bought my first one for 130.00 USD at bestbuy. Man, that was the best money I ever spend on a burner.

Good bye Premium. Lucky me I still have one although my brother has stolen it from me :wink: Somewhere in the closet there’s also a CRW-F1 collecting dust.

PX716 is the next one on the chopping block, probably no later than March 2006. PX712 was on the EOL list less than a year after being introduced.

Sad that what is arguably the best cd writer now sold will no longer be made.

Probably they just can’t get enough people to pay the premium price for premium quality for it to be commercially viable any longer.

I’m sure Sony is happy about this one.

Nope. Sony couldn’t care less. If it had wanted to prevent plex premium back-ups it could have kiboshed them at any time with ease (either no or minmal upgrade to the guard module required). The reality is that there is very little piracy effected through plex premium copying; the major focus of copy protections lately being to blacklist all virtual drives and to extend to the maximum extent possible the time it takes for cracks to be become widely available.

Well, I think that if someone didn’t care, mainly Sony, that the newer Plextors would support the same feature that the Premium does in burning SecuROM discs. In order for Plextor to change the feature set so that you couldn’t record thoes, someone had to talk to someone.

Whatever the reason, I’m holding on to my drive nice and tight.

Thanks for the info, Wasn’t planning on it but I don’t want to take a chance, Just ordered one from Plextor.

Yep, it’s sad, the King of CDRW drives is gone :sad:
Strange decision :rolleyes:

So is GigaRec gone on new drives too? I hope not. I have several CDs in that physical format.

Sony has do something to the Securom 7 guard module, so now all the Securom 7 copies burned with the Premium are coasters. It tells original disc can’t be found! They have broken the Premium burning way, but twinpeaks method still works.
However…farewell good old Premium! :slight_smile:

Gigarec is being continued with PX-712A/716A/760A …

The full GigaRec: 0.6x to 1.4x?

Is this on discs burned with Alcohol or BlindWrite 5?