Plextor Premium, discs not recognized

hey dudes
got a problem. my workstation includes a plextor 716 dvd burner and a plextor premium cd burner both connected to the native ide controller (second channel). ill sell the pc on this weekend, without the 716. ive unconnected it, changed the premium to master mode, booted and made the firmware update to 1.07.
I put my original windowsxp disc in the premium but it wont be accepted for booting. I booted into windowsxp and surprisingly the disc isnt accepted at all. it doesnt show up.
the disc is in mint condition, so that cant be the problem. ive used xpantispy to re-activate the autorun, made the firmware update …
im outta ideas for troubleshooting! please help me to get this one working!

thanks in advance,
mmike :bow:


did you also change the cable position? Do other CD media work?