Plextor premium and securom

Im thinking of purchasing this drive that seems to be getting great reviews.
does anybody know if copies of securom 4.8 games using this drive stop the choke/install problems on other drives that are usually unable to run a game using bwa/twinpeaks method??
if so thats quite a breakthrough!
any comments welcome thanks in advance!

sure does …it is best drive out there to date that does securom closest to 1:1 …it does not use twin peaks method but another method called VariRec

i have the drive and no problems at all …love it…no stalls or anything in any drive i have tried

wow thats awesome ! no choke a near perfect 1:1 copy plays on
all drives sounds too good to be true.
must get one
is it easy to make a securom 4.8 copy as ive found bwa twinpeaks/method second nature now.
what about safedisc 2.9 can it make copies that will work on other drives/ pcs without emulation or autoplay???

yes it is i have no problems with it at all … i just use bwa file I downloaded or i make my own …usually I am lazy unless it is new game …

but hey i am sure other plex users will put in there comments too I like the drive …

here is a link to others that have commented on the drive

thanks read this thread earlier and it doesnt read favourable for safedisc2.9??
whats your findings giovanni?

here read all bout different findings with plex drive and sd 2.9

and i am sure you will come up with your opinion …I have not tested yet since my new board cause cd rom died … but have fun reading

Hi Logicwatch…very good for Securom 4.8 (using Blindwrite)… unfortunately my Plextor can’t make a fully working backup of sd2.9 without emulation ( I don’t know with emulation), AWS doesn’t help… the backup works in some drive but doesn’t work in other (Toshiba dvdrom)… For audio protection very good I can extract cds200 tracks from Nero, the drive simply doesn’t see the corrupt Toc.

so its my litey reigns supreme for safedisc 2.9 !!!
and use the plextor premium for securom 4.8 then???
shame one drive as king would have been great!!!

I use my premium for securom 4,8 and my Plextor 8/20 for sd2.9

Originally posted by maximino72
I use my premium for securom 4,8 and my Plextor 8/20 for sd2.9

Exactly as my setup :slight_smile:

I can only agree with the others in this thread that the Premium is great at Securom, but my drive cannot copy SD 2.9 perfect. It only works in some drives.

For Securom you need to use´Blindwrite the exact same way as normal. The software detects the Premium and makes the copy in the speciel ‘Premium way’ all by itself so it is very easy if you are familiar with the twinpeak method.

I don’t have any 32x RW’s but for 24x it is way faster than my Liteon 52246S.

strange that one plextor wont copy safedisc 2.9 whereas another does??? ordered my plextor premium today should be with me next 2/3 days will give it a try and keep you posted!!!
cant wait !!!
sad arent I???

just to let you know they all copy sd 2.9

it is just some in blindwrite do u have to do autoplay or not … some can handle no autoplay and some u have to have it

so does that mean if i used say alcohol 120% the premium copies it ok?

autoplay is setting in blindwrite …

but alcohol you can use emulations and ignore read type …

it is all the same thing

i understand so your saying without somesort of emulation/support my plextor premium cannot make a working
safedisc 2.9 game unlike my liteon??
shame really plextor seemed to have passed this by perhaps its just a newer firmware required?
is it a 2 sheep burner?

saying u have to test it out but very few plex can do it without emulation …but I know two that can …other than that none …still trying to figure out why tht is happening myself …but i gave up on test after new board my cd rom died …so should go get a new one …

if you look down and read threw it all you will see the different results with sd 2.9 and plex drives

should be with me very soon will test asap and keep you all posted you never know I could be lucky?
perhaps plextor will change the firmware?
hey cd roms are cheap get out there and get one your drive died weeks ago!!!

cant still in mourning period …plus i spent 500.00 dollars on little experiment with plex premium and sd 2.9 to try to figure it out …so still pissed ole cd rom died

oh well your a true cd freak!!!
keep you posted on my experiments when it arrives!
ps. like the dog!!!

which version of blindwrite do I need to use the special features the plextor premium uses?
and does the drive come with the correct firmware required?