Plextor Premium and Plextools

So I have a Plextor Premium (TLA#0000, May 2003, firmware 1.00), installed it on my secondary IDE on my Asus A7N8X Deluxe 2.0 motherboard (nForce 2 chipset). After installing the PlexTools v2.02 that came with the drive, the secondary IDE channel wasn’t detected by PlexTools. So I updated to v2.11. Now it found the PlexWriter Premium.

After some fiddling around, I inserted the CD that came along the drive, 52x 80m Plextor media. But it doesn’t identify it ! So I updated the firmware to v1.05. I inserted other 80m media (Plextors I had and Maxells), the same problem. Also a 8cm CD isn’t detected in PlexTools. But Nero 6 DOES identify the discs !

Problem is, GigaRec doesn’t correctly display the disc sizes. It even goes negative… Is there any solution for this problem ?

I’m running WindowsXP SP1, latest nForce 2 drivers, latest Nero, latest everything. My NEC 1300A doesn’t have problems with anything, along with my BTC DVDROM.

I am new to this forum so take my comments with a pinch of salt - I have 2 possible routes you could try:

  1. Get the latest firmware
  2. Search for compatibility issues with a particular Asus motherboard on this very board. I distinctly remember seeing exactly that.


You better use Plextools Professional with this drive,
for the extra features of this drive,
and maybe try to use this drive as slave next to your boot hard-disk, on your primary port (ide/sata) of your mobo,
since you’re using a non Intel chipset… this way you get max.

PetterS: I got the latest firmware already, doesn’t seem to help :frowning:
And I’ll try to look for the other tip you gave me.

Fugitive: I am using Plextools Professional and making it slave or master on the first channel doesn’t make it faster at all, only when I am using the harddisk on the same channel. And I am running my system boot on a Raptor 10k RPM drive which is on the S-ATA controller. The performance is not the issue, the good functioning of PlexTools is the issue :slight_smile:

Also any tips on using the included ultraspeed CDRW for the first time ?

Did you already use PlexTools Pro’s reset of the registry settings ?
it’s best to do this, when you have upgraded PlexTools Pro…

Yep, I did :slight_smile:
I’m now testwriting a CD with 1,05GB of data on it. I showed that my CD was 230 minutes, 10 minutes, 75 minutes… But not 79/80 minutes…


I think the NVIDIA IDE-drivers are the problem. Many people here (including me) are not happy with these drivers. Have a look at this thread (especialy kamikazee’s post) :


… and make sure you’ve not enabled “Hide cd-r”

Well, the drive is working perfectly, only PlexTools isn’t. Nero reads out the right disc size and burns it perfectly. Yesterdat I wrote 300MB on a 213MB (8cm CD) disc in PlexTools and it works> But it says the disc is 10 minutes/23 minutes/0 minutes, it changes every x seconds or so. Other burning apps don’t have a problem.

And Hide CD-R media is indeed turned off, but I’ll double-check.

Thanx for the advice !

Another annoying problem: identifying blank CD’s doesn’t work AT ALL ! Not in PlexTools, not in Nero CD-Speed…

Again, there seems to be a driver that hides cdr media. Such drivers come with CloneCD, Alcohol, BlindWrite and the PlexTools. I always recommend a reboot after turning such an option off.

I have Alcohol installed. I’ll check into it right away !

Yeah, after turning it off in Alcohol, it now identifies them perfectly !!! Thank you so much !

Next problem: Audio-CD analysis nad reading is reduced to 8x, while DAE did 38x !! It happens in Nero CD Speed and in PlexTools. Also, the max read speed setting in PlexTools decreases itself to 8x when an Audio-CD is inserted and changing it to something else doesn’t work. Is this built-in or a bug ?

Sometimes the different drivers that are loaded at windows startup interfere. The problem you are describing occurs here, too, but can be fixed by closing the app, ejecting the cd, reloading it and starting CD Speed again. The PlexTools should have been closed by then.
What you can also try is “burning” the settings into the drive’s flash by setting the parameters in the Silent Mode tab. They are then fixed settings even if the computer is turned off.

Thanx for the tip again, I’ll try it right now!
Edit: It didn’t work :sad:
Well yeah, I know enough what speeds it can DAE with the DAE part of PlexTools.

Another idea: Is it a copy-protected cd?

Please describe all the steps you take for DAE. What happens if you insert an audio cd, go to the drive settings tab and set the speed to 40x? What happens if you insert the audio cd with the SHIFT button pressed?


The drive is empty. I load PlexTools (already opened in Taskbar).
I go to Read Transfer Rate Test. The speed is set to 22-52x. The CD I want to test is Smashing Pumpkins Greatest Hits Disc 1 and it is not copy protected. I open the drive. I insert the CD, I close the drive. It reads the data for like 20 seconds. The speed jumps to 8x CLV. If I test the disc, it just reads at 8x. If I set it to 22-52x, it still just does 8x.

With DAE, I get max speed. But I want to test the discs for max DAE and stuff, but it reads soooo slowly.

Also, the C1 error count on the supplied CDRW after burning it twice is way over 100.000 errors. Is it normal for CDRW’s to have a very high C1 error count ?

No, it is not. This might indicate a defective drive. Try and test the Smashing Pumpkin cd. What does it say?

Can you change the speed settings during the test? (Haven’t used this function myself. I prefer CD Speed.)

CDRW discs can have a very high C1 or C2 count because the PTP doesn’t necessarily see the linking blocks in the UDF format as “data” and will flag it as an error. The FAQ on the Plextor site says that “Only Disc at Once recorded discs are applicable to this test. If you are testing a Track at Once or Packet-written disc, the test results may indicate CU errors. These errors occur because there is Session Information & Link-Blocks contained in these formats which is reported as CU error data. The data on the disc is not actually in error.”

Getting 8x on a stamped CD is not unusual. I’ve seen discs that won’t read higher than 1x on a Plextor PX-40 ROM…and that can read anything. Eccentricity, uneven thickness, lousy QA, you name it, you can find it on some CDs. (especially like from Rhino records or other ‘collection’ sources)