Plextor Premium and Lightscribe

As far as I’m concerned, the Premium is the best cd-rw. I’m wondering if Plextor will improve on it and develop a version with the lightscribe technology. Anyone have any news concerning Plextor and Lightscribe?

My guess, no.

Maybe the new DVD-burners.

My guess would be a no as well. Another question though, NScythe. Do you think LightScribe is useful? I have my doubts about this feature. Sure, it looks nice but it requires special media (probably more expensive than normal media), takes a long time and I have yet to see how it will look. I think it will be the same as with Yamaha’s DiscT@2 function. I used that once or twice and then forgot about it.

I read that the new drives for this product is over $1000 usa dollars. NOT WORTH IT! ! ! ! !

seems very gimmicky to me. long live the sharpie! :iagree:

I don’t even think they’d bother if it cost that much. I checked their website at and couldn’t find any direct information about the price (I thought I remember reading somewhere it would only add 10-20% additional cost to the drive). However, I did find complete HP computers that were sold with lighscribe drives for $800-900 so that would confirm the price can’t be that much more.

Like G@M3FR3@K said, the technology is similar to the Yamaha DiscT@2 feature,and that drive did not cost tremendously more then other drives. At the least, you figure Lightscribe will make some of it’s money on the media, which will definitely cost more then regular media. However, probably not much more then inkjet printable media…

Here is the link to the article I read about price of drive

As far as being useful at its current state, probably not. Looks cool and convenient though. Maybe when color is possible using Lightscribe then it may be more useful. Of course, the costs will be even higher.

I’m more than content with my Premium and sharpie. The question was more about curiosity than anything. Thanks everyone for your insights!

From the article:
“On January 25, Hewlett-Packard (HP) Taiwan launched two LightScribe 16x DVD Dual DL (single-sided double-layer) burner models, the Pavilion W1268tw and the Pavilion W1266tw, in the Taiwan market, with a tentative retail price of NT$39,800 (US$1,248) and NT$31,900 (US$1,001), respectively.”

These prices are for complete computers. Pavilion is the standard name that HP uses for it’s home/small office computers. These prices are actually more expensive then the Pavilion models that are sold through the U.S. HP shop that include lightscribe drives.

I found an actual lightscribe enabled drive for sale on HP’s website for $129.99 <a href=“”>here.</a>

so is that a HP rebadged BenQ like supposed here:

Will Plextor add Lightscribe to PX716A?
Is it possibile to add this feature or is it needed a different hardware?

I’ve been watching this technology closely and without a doubt believe ALL brands of drives will have this. Probably not as a firmware upgrade but as newly announced models. Here’s what I know so far, you need special DVD/CD media that’s Lightscribe certified (I believe Sony, Memorex, Verbatim, and other big names already make them). Programs have to be Lightscribe certified to print the image (Surething CD Labeler, Nero, and other big names are already certified). Now for the details…

Lightscribe was invented by HP and have drives with the new Lightscribe technology. HP will be leasing the technology to other drive makers the second quarter of this year (April - June 2005 for those wondering). Toshiba has already announced a new drive and LG, NEC and others are following (Haven’t heard Plextor yet but I’m sure they’ll follow). The technology is actually cheap and will only add $2-3 dollars per drive (expect the makers to add $10-30 per drive for the consumer). The same laser that burns the DVD/CD also burns the image (just flip-over the DVD/CD to burn the image). Now for the cool stuff…

Follow the link and be sure to -click- “Always expand tree” to read and see actual mind-blowing photos of actual DVD’s made with Lightscribe:

I think the only negative part of Lightscribe is that it takes MUCH longer for a decent image then it takes to actually burn the content of the CD.

I read somewhere that it takes like 10-15 minutes for a basic light picture/text to be burned with Lightscribe…

I believe the covers take around 30 minutes depending on how detailed the image. If I’m correct, the image burns at 2x.

-D j K i l l a-

Special hardware is needed, so no, PX-716A is not going to support LS.

one year later…

I don’t know…

I AVOID HP At ALL COsts…My two friends Bought BRAND New Computers from Compaq and from HP and they both are Messed up…

Brand NEW…My buddy with the Compaq loaded it up and everything was fine…But when he tried putting some programs on it he had Hardware problems…

With my other friend he got a $850 Brand New HP with Lightscribe…Right out of the box he used it and tried to burn a Cd…The Burner will read cd/DVD but not Burn…It was a mess…I tried updating his firmware…NOTHING…

I hate HP…I will stick with THE ALL MIGHTY SHARPIE!!! :bow:

I Like Plextor a LOT I have a TDK DVD/CD-R Combo Burner AND my AWSOME Plextor 712-A…I love plextor Innovation at its best…1GB to a CD-R Sweet…

I can’t figure out what my Model # is for my TDK Combo…I see TDK and on the bottom left of the front of the drive it says 1280B…Is there an Update for the Firmware?