Hello everyone,

On the back of the PREMIUM drive are 4 pins.

pin1: DMA

pin2: cable select

pin3: slave

pin4: master

of course my plex is on the secondery port and installed as master. I use Windows XP pro.

what do i have to do with the first pin?

I did got the drive with 4 screws and a thing to open the drive.
In that bag is a second pin.

must i place that one on pin 1 or do i only use pin 4 for master and not pin 1 and pin 4.

The manual does not explane something.

Thanks for helping me out.



In short, the DMA pin is only if you need to drop down in DMA, do not put a pin there UNLESS you have trouble with the drive in Ultra DMA 2 (Default setting without the pin).

Thanks for the info.

Glad to know now.
That pin was not placed yet


Just be happy with what there is, i.e. your plex is on the secondery port and installed as master, pin4: master.