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 Sen and Gilbert both used our news submit to tell us that HardWareZone has posted a preview of Plextor's latest writer, the Plextor Premium. As  we already reported  about earlier, the...
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atapi crap

I think that your comment is very useless and stupid. Most drives today are ATAPI and they are sufficient to 99% of the users, and you know it.
[edited by DoMiN8ToR on 23.04.2003 23:33]

As SCSI, it would coast twice as much and would thus be even better a status symbol. :B If you are out of IDE ports, there are IDE controller cards…

I wanna see some serial ATA CD/DVD burners! Then I will be impressed… Yes I know the format is for hard drives only, but think of the speed with CD/DVD drives! Incredible… Say so long to SCSI…
[edited by Hypnosis4U2NV on 24.04.2003 10:10]

SCSI is still faster as SATA (actually more as twice as fast) and optical SCSI is even more faster as SATA SATA becomes i bit interesting when SATAII is released. but for know im still going for SCSI so i hope that plextor will release a good SCSI writer someday.
[edited by Maelstrom on 24.04.2003 20:57]

Plextor already has a SCSI CD-RW drive, it’s a little slower then this one, but performs well. CD Freaks Review

@Mailstrom: Did you ever think about something simple as transfer ratesols? 52x cd-r is about 9 MB/s. It doesn’t matter the slightest little bit whether your interface does 150, 160, 300, 600 or 1000000 MByte/s
[edited by alexnoe on 25.04.2003 00:01]

Mostly hype, and very little hard data to back it up. Not what I would call an “objective” review at all. No side-by side comparisons, what gives?

That’s why is a preview and not a review. HWZ has an engineering sample and that will, of course, not be the same as the retail version.